33- Pinea3 launched the UK market, promoting a debate on Conscious Capitalism

Pinea3 UK partner, Erika Uffindel officially launches the company

“Helping conscious leaders improve the energy of their organisations and teams” was the subject of the speech given by Pinea3 co-founder Enric Bernal and Pinea3 UK partner Erika Uffindell (http://pinea3.com/?page_id=1139&lang=en) at the Employee Engagement & Employer Branding 2012 on September 19th and 20th in London (http://osneyhr.com/employee_engage/agenda-day-1/).


Their presentation officially launched Pinea3 to the UK market to more than 200 HR directors and organizational experts.


The presentation introduced the Pinea3 vision, based on the Organization Energy System (OES), with the opportunity of taking a different perspective from the past years learnings in the HR domain.


On 20th September Pinea3 also held an interesting selected-meeting that gathered opinion leaders from different areas, to introduce Pinea3 UK and also to share perspectives on Conscious Capitalism. As Gina Hayden, co-founder of the Global Institute for Conscious Leadership, says on her SmartRevolution Blog (http://smartrevolution.org/2012/09/21/london-draws-conscious-capitalism-to-itself): “It seems at the moment like the forces are congregating to cause a propulsion of conscious capitalism…. There is a tremendous sense of collaboration, information sharing and co-creation going on here right now amongst the people who are passionate about doing business in this way and promoting and growing it as mainstream in the marketplace. We have all come together through what seems like synchronicity, helped by the Internet.”


From Pinea3’s perspective, we experienced the same interest and energy during the ‘Employee Engagement’ conference. It seems there is a groundswell of belief in us all trying to reach a new systemic view on Organizations!


For more info on OES: http://pinea3.com/?page_id=1139&lang=en