25. LLuis Recolons, CEO of the company Servicio de Prevencion de ASEPEYO, declares about his experience with Pinea3.

“We are immerse in a change of culture, which is necessary for our future. It will be posible only if persons are aligned and share one conscience and one single vision. Our work experience with Pinea3 has facilitated this process and has produced a relevant positive impact.”


“El cambio de cultura empresarial en el que estamos inmersos, imprescindible para nuestro futuro, sólo es posible alineando personas y compartiendo una sola conciencia y una sola visión. Nuestra experiencia de trabajo con Pinea 3 está facilitando e impactando de forma relevante en todo ello.”


Servei de Prevenció ASEPEYO

23. Team and organizational transformation to a high rank group of managers from the Government of Catalonia

Team and organizational transformation facilitated to a very high rank managers from the  Government of Catalonia (Generalitat de Catalunya) at the middle age castle besides the lake Foix (Barcelona province)


A group of very high rank managers have worked hard in the diagnose and consensus around 7 energy parameters of the organization they manage.

This has provided a deeper understanding of the organization and has build a stronger sense of team among them, as wel as a prompt to action.


“It is necessary that this work continues. We have to continue defining our future and how we want to get there. The team is now very energetic towards action.”, stated one of the directors.


The use of the castle was facilitated by the Foundation Abertis.


21. Organizational Wellbeing – Benestar Organitzacional

An energetic view. Xavier Tarré (partner and co-founder) of Pinea3 gives a talk about wellbeing at organizations, at the Psychologists Association of Barcelona (Col.legi de Psicòlegs de Barcelona). All organizations are living entities and, hence, they have different levels of vital energy. This is the starting point to show how wellbeing depends on a set of variables and how being conscient of this systemic view allows a further understanding of how organizations function.


Una Visió Energètica. Ponència de Xavier Tarré -soci de Pinea3- en la I Jornada de Benestar a la Feina. “Potenciant les persones, potenciem les empreses”, organitzada pel Col.legi Oficial de Psicòlegs de Catalunya. A través de la visió de que totes les organitzacions són sistemes vius amb un nivell de energia vital, en la exposició de Pinea3 es mostra com el benestar depen d’un conjunt de variables en conjunt i que cal prendre consciència d’aquesta visió sistèmica per entendre el seu funcionament.


COM RADIO (Jordi Sacristán) – Entrevista a Xavier Tarré sobre el benestar emocional a les empreses.