32- ESADE- New Pinea3 book pre-launch at ESADE

Pre launch of the book "Organizational Energy (...)" from Pinea3


On September 5th, Pinea3 co-founder Enric Bernal was invited to an Esade Alumni event to speak on organizations as living systems and to present our new book “Organizational Energy” (http://pinea3.com/?page_id=27).


Enric highlighted the importance of a new holistic approach in business, drawing an analogy between illnesses in the human body and organizational illnesses.


This perspective is one of the pillars of the Pinea3 OES® methodology and vision (http://pinea3.com/wordpress/?page_id=936). We consider organizations as Living Systems and believe the only way to heal them and improve business performance is by addressing the root cause of the dysfunction itself, instead of fixing the symptom as traditional approaches aim to do. There were
150 people in attendance and a very interesting debate was generated afterwards….