53- Pinea3 Living Organizations International Congress 2017 Second Edition and Universitat Central de Catalunya

Pinea3 International Congress 2016 in Change Management. Leadership Development, Business Strategy and Organizational Culture


“Fostering innovative ideas, good practices and valuable relationships”

(La versió en Català està disponible més avall) (La versión en Español está disponible más abajo)


The second edition of our International Congress celebrated on March 7th, 2017 at the Universitat Central de Catalunya (FUB) in Manresa (Barcelona) has been a full success in terms of participation, contents and organization. More than 100 persons participated in this international congress on leadership development, organizational culture change and change management.


Along the journey 9 speakers from USA, UK, Germany, Italy, Greece and Catalunya carried out very participative and dynamic presentations on subjects like change management models, organizational culture change, leadership models, the global movements on conscious leadership and capitalism, emotional intelligence and neuroscience applied to management, openness and resistance to change, monitoring and evaluation systems and barriers to collaboration in teams.


The Congress has had relevant support from its partners: the Fundació Universitaria del Bages (FUB) as Universitat Central de Catalunya and the international consulting firm TAGA (www.taga.net) and specialized in leadership development, business strategy and organizational culture change. TAGA is based in Barcelona and has presence in Mexico and Colombia, as well as operational capacity in Europe, Latin America and the USA.

Pinea3 Living Organizations International Congress 2017 speakers

Pinea3 Living Organizations International Congress 2017 speakers

See the videos from the Speakers here:  http://www.umanresa.cat/en/pinea3

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