36.- A call towards a deep change in organizations was acclaimed in a Barcelona forum

A business and cultural forum at Excellence bookstore in Barcelona felt engaged in a talk about the change of paradigm we are involved in and how to bring this change to organizations using the Organizational Energy System ® and the 7 energy levels of each organization. A good energy of change and conscious leadership filled the room while the authors presented the book “Energía Organizacional: 7 pilares de excelencia empresarial”, Ed. Profit 2012, (“Organizational energy: 7 pillars of business excellence”).

Innovative ideas and many real examples; including the case of the leading company MRW (express courier and logistics) were exposed at the event.

The book is now available in Spanish and it will be published in English during the coming months.

The Spanish version of the book may be purchased at http://pinea3.com/?page_id=27

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