40- Organizational Energy Training Spring 2013 edition

pinea3 oe global view at Rupit

pinea3 oe global view at Rupit

OE Training Spring 2013 edition took place at a superb 700 years old location in Rupit (Spain).

A group of international managers, entrepreneurs and coaches from several European countries came together to participate in the Pinea3 Spring training course: Pinea3 Practitioner in Organizational Energy, which took place from 15th to 17th April.

Three intensive days of business leadership and personal development created a clear “before vs. after” state with all participants. The unique training module encompassed; learning and experiencing about new business paradigm concepts and practice, pathways to enhanced management skills and improved self-awareness and knowledge.

The venue for this Spring training was chosen for its breathtaking location and special energy among the mountains and lakes of Spain.

It was with a renewed energy and expanded perspective that participants flew back to various corners of the globe all willing to keep in touch and share their experiences as they take their learning back into the workplace.


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